Struggling to create your Avatar? Answer these simple questions to define your ideal client.

These days everyone seems to be talking about your Avatar. Your Audience. But for many of us, figuring out this person is a struggle. We worry we will leave someone out. We’re not sure who to focus on specifically. Many of us write for a younger version of ourselves. Others of us podcast to listeners that follow our specific passions. Some are reaching out to family members. Still others want to connect with potential clients. How do you define your specific audience? I created some questions to help define my avatar. Hope they help you as well.

Questions to answer about your avatar



What car do they drive?

Do they own or rent?

Single? Married? Children?

Have they traveled? Where to? An exotic location? Do they explore something local every weekend? Are they waiting for their big trip around the world?

Where did they grow up? Pick a city, town, state.

And where do they live now. Pick a city, town, state, country.

Where do they work?

Do they like their job?

Do they have a favorite coworker?

Do they volunteer?

Do they go to church?

Where do they shop?

Do they have a favorite coffee? Beer?

Sports team?

What books do they love?

What movies do they watch?

Did they graduate from High school? if so when?

Did they go to college? Earn a degree or drop out? Maybe they’re taking a break.

Do they have any ironies?

What do they wear? Suit? Jeans? Uniform?

What type of hairstyle? High fashion, wash and run, natural gray?

What’s their favorite thing to do on day off?

What music do they listen to?

What are their favorite podcasts?

News resources?

How do they use the internet?

Are they passionate about all things Apple or do they prefer a PC?

Do they search through You Tube? Google?

How many siblings? Are they the oldest, youngest? Middle child?

What is their spouse like?

Who are their besties? Still pals from elementary school? Their college roommate? Their next-door neighbor?

How do they approach health and fitness? Do they exercise regularly? Train? Play on a team? Coach? Are they a processed food junkie or a gourmet cook? Do they bake? Are they allergic to peanuts?

Are they creative?

What hobbies do they enjoy?

How do they approach technology?

Social media? Are they active on twitter? Love their kindle? Couldnt live without pinterest? Still don’t have a facebook account? Aol email address? Full time blogger?

Fears? What scares them?

Pet peeves? What gets on their nerves?

What changes do they want to see in the world?

Weak spots? Chocolate? Bread? Video games? TV? Booze?

What income bracket do they fit in?

How do they get to work?

How long is their commute?

Where do they consume your message? At the gym? On their Kindle? In the car? On their laptop?

Many of these answers will seem so obvious to you but a different person will think completely opposite so define your avatar as your ideal client. If you’re reaching out to runners your avatar will be very different than someone writing for cancer survivors or if you coach artists on selling vs parenting tips your audience will vary. Although many traits will be the same many will be unique for your tribe only.

This should give you a start and help you refine your ideal audience. If you really want to explore your avatar further there is a great book on creating characters by Noah Lukeman called The Plot Thickens. 

Who do you want to serve? Is it your former self? Is it the person you might have become? Is it a parent? Tell me about your avatar.


The DIP. Should you stay or should you quit?


I repeatedly hear people talk about the story of RU Darby from Napoleon Hill’s popular business book Think and Grow Rich. The story goes like this:

RU Darby had an uncle who got caught up in Gold Fever during the rush. They struck gold quickly, on one of the richest mines in Colorado. They invested their first returns in digging equipment and went to work, but after digging and digging they didn’t find anymore gold. They tried for as long as they could stand.  The vein of ore had simply disappeared. Eventually they ended up quitting, selling all their machinery to a junk man for a small fee. The junk man hired an engineer who analyzed the vein and advised the junkman to dig just three feet from where Darby and his uncle had quit.

So how do you know if you are three feet from gold? How long do you keep digging? How long do you keep going?

I think there is a key to this story that many people miss.

I had been struggling as a teacher for years. 10 years to be exact. I would make progressive steps moving forward, but it seemed like things were always surprising me and I consistently felt like this uphill battle was never going to end. I had repeatedly heard about Seth Godin’s book, The Dip. Seth says that you have to ask yourself the question, “Am I going to be the best in the world at this?” I read the book three times, and still didn’t know the answer to this question. My principal had just asked me a few days before: Do you want to be the best teacher? I said “Yes, of course.” He then offered me some suggestions for improvement, making me believe he had faith I could reach this goal. But still something felt wrong and my struggles seemed extreme as compared to typical of the average teacher.

Then I came across an email from Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend. The subject was titled Have you taken the “Should I quit test? I thought there’s a test? All right I’m game! Well, I took the test and still didn’t know the exact answer. The basic premise is do you want to become your boss. Well, I went back and forth with this over and over, because I thought, well I could do this better, and then it would be great to be my boss.

Eventually I did quit. I ran like the wind. But I think back to that story a lot. Was I three feet from gold? Would I have found my perfect teaching job just three months down the line? We’ll never know. But I do think a lot that if I had hired experts, mentors, objective people who were committed to seeing my success, when I first started teaching, then I would have struck gold.

That is the key to Napoleon Hill’s story. If you’re struggling, you need to surround yourself with experts. Objective masters in the field you want to succeed in and hire them to help you reach your goals. One key is making sure you listen to their advice and actually implement the action steps they suggest. When you pay a person to be in your corner and help you move forward you will go twice as far twice as fast.

I like to look at it this way. If I wanted to learn a new language, would I just get a book and try to learn it? I might, but would this be the most effective way? No. Believe me, as someone who has read the Harry Potter’s books in French, watched the movies over and over in French and still can barely understand what they say, forget speak it, I can assure you this is not an effective way. You could join a class where you would be forced to practice and that might help. But the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in another country where you are forced to communicate in this language everyday, surrounding yourself by experts in the language. Is it going to cost money to relocate? Yes, but is it going to be the quickest way to learn a new language? Absolutely.

The same works for fitness. Can you start a diet or exercise plan on your own? Yes, but if you hire a fitness coach you will go so much further. I know this for a fact. They will teach you things you had no idea you didn’t know that will not only help you reach your goals but they will be your biggest cheerleader.  With the help of my coach, I was able to run ten miles confidently and fairly easily in a very short period of time. One of my favorite interviews on Entrepreneur on Fire is with Fran Tarkenton. Fran talks about how he was able to succeed after spending hours watching and reviewing video with his coaches. So why wouldn’t it go to show that this would work in your career as well?

So what do you think? Are you ready to quit? Or do you just need some support to succeed? I’d love to hear what you think.

How to Find Your Mastermind

Michael Hyatt sent me this great email this morning to answer some questions that have been going through my head for over a year about how to find the right people and mastermind. We just finished reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich this week in my study group and even though I look at those friends as a sort of mastermind I feel that I need a group committed to helping me reach the next level. Here is a great post on how to find the people you need to start your mastermind.

Do you belong to a mastermind? If so how did you begin and where did you find your fellow master minders?



The ONE thing you need to do today.

This amazing training is so valuable I guarantee if you are thinking about starting a blog or your own business, John’s expert knowledge is invaluable.


For the first time I could clearly see my avatar and understand who my audience is for my ChicksWhoPeeInTheWoods blog. John gives you action steps to take today to define your audience, and create the perfect avatar to reach out to and understand what your niche is. This training is probably worth 1000 of dollars, especially the way it is done so concisely and gives you specific questions to answer that will help you discover exactly where your passion lies and how to narrow your focus because as John says you need to FOCUS:






Have you defined your avatar? Have you discovered your niche? Do you know who your audience is?

I’d love to hear who yours is.

Why failing is (kind of) a good thing

Here’s a great post on getting back up. I love the end…a quote by Wintson Churchill: If you’re going through hell, keep going.

Cristian Mihai

failing They say you can’t beat a man who doesn’t give up.

The first piece of writing I ever wrote was rubbish. And I kept on adding more rubbish. Then I wrote something else. And then someone said I was a retard. And I wanted to prove them wrong.

I’ve failed time and time again. In all aspects of life.

The first novel I self-published sold 4 copies in 4 months. It got a single 2 star review on Goodreads, and then I unpublished the damn thing.

And yet I didn’t give up.

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A Simple Trick to Save Water, Save $ and Save the Planet

What a great way to save 90 galloons of water a month!!

Sunny Sleevez


California faces its most severe drought emergency in decades; we are now in our 3rd consecutive year of below-normal rainfall. Governor Jerry Brown has called for Californians to reduce water use by 20 percent voluntarily, and mandatory rationing could be ordered soon so that homes, businesses and farms don’t run dry over the summer. No matter where you live it just makes sense not waste this precious resource. Here are 2 super simple steps you can take to drastically reduce water waste in the kitchen.

We have a double sink in the kitchen, 1 was used for washing the other ended up being a dumping location and quickly filled with dishes waiting to go in the dishwasher, which drove me BONKERS!

Wishing to reduce our water waste and save my sanity I bought a nice new bucket and put that in one sink, into this we collect the water from…

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